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Heal your body, mind and soul with our marvelous AroMandalas® Essential Oil Blends

The AroMandalas line of Essential Oil Blends continues to delight people. Developed by our very own team, these products will not only enhance your meditations, they will improve your spiritual practices and help your emotional conflicts while aiding you in anchoring in your true self.

- Maureen St. Germain
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We intend to help raise awareness of the wonderful gifts of these essential oil blends. It is not easy to put into words how the AroMandala products can help. This is especially true for aromatherapy health, and because these blends were created by a Master Blender.You can experience tranquility and tune in to many of the great rewards it provides. We know better, and we believe these blends are substantially transformative. The aromatherapist was the channel, and I am the salesperson. We are both instruments of a spirit.

Because I have seen the effects of AroMandalas on individuals, in person and by your emails, I am determined to do my part, and bring this message of hope to light.

Most blends came in phases, and the first phase was based on healing and transforming emotional wounds into mastery. The second phase is about the raising of consciousness. It means that you will find different outcomes, not always better though with different intentions. In addition, you will find they will offer expansion as you move into the Ascension Blends.

This is why we believe, that doing your own work first, before moving on to Ascension Blends is highly beneficial. This is because the Ascension Blends are expanding your consciousness. Thus, our tools will give you the opportunity to heal yourself, your family, and the planet.

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